Patient Testimonials

It cannot be emphasised, enough, the disruptive effect that eye floaters can have on daily activities. After spending many monthstroubled by them,to the extent that, I lost confidence in going out and driving as the floaters obstructed my vision. I underwent a vitrectomy for floaters. The operation took place on March 4th and was a complete success. My quality of life has been dramaticaly improved and my confidence restored. It cannot be emphasised enough, how much eye floaters can impede daily activities and quality of life.

- C Phillips, West Yorkshire
I cannot say thank you enough for your quick diagnosis and surgery, that saved my eyesight. You were so professional and caring. I wanted you to know just how much I appreciate what you have done.

- MA, West Yorkshire
Dear Ms Rahman,

I am sure lots of patients express their thanks and gratitude for your work - and I would like to add mine. As with many things, it's only when we realise something maybe lost, that it is truly appreciated.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you used your knowledge and skills to restore my sight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always appreciate what you have done for me.

- KA, Huddersfield, Retinal detachment surgery
Dear Ms Rahman,

I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you'to you for operating on my detached retina. I very much appreciate your skills and kindness.

- GF, Huddersfield, Retinal detachment surgery
Dear Miss Rahman

A big thank you for being so kind, trying to repair my eye, I am so grateful you have. I really thought you would not do it such a mess it was. Thank you so much.

- OS, Halifax, Vitrectomy for Diabetic eye disease
Dear Ms Rahman

Now that I have had my final follow up consultation, I am writing to thank you for using your expertise to deal successfully with my eye problem.

- DG, Elland, West Yorkshire. Retinal detachment surgery
Dear Ms Rubina Rahman,

Thank you, You are wonderful. My right eye is now better than it has ever been.

- JS, Halifax, Retinal detachment surgery
Thank you, Ms Rahman, you operated on my detached retina. Due to your skills & expertise my sight has been restored.

- RB, Huddersfield, Retinal detachment surgery
Dear Ms Rahman,

Thank you for giving me my sight back.

- RL, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Vitrectomy for Diabetic eye disease